Project Management

  1. In order to ensure a proper organisation and implementation of all project activities, the partnership agreed upon setting up several structures playing specific, well-defined roles during the project lifetime:

    • •  The Project Management Team (PMT) (20 members): the decision-making body of the consortium. It will include one representative from each partner university.

    • •  The Selection Committee (20 members): 1 person from the each partner institution; it makes the final selection for each cohort, based on mutually agreed criteria and procedures.

    • •  The Monitoring and Quality Assurance Committee (MQAC) (12 members): 4 permanent members (representatives from the coordinating institution, the co-coordinating institution, one EU and one Lot 5 partner university) and 8 temporary members (representatives from 4 EU and 4 Lot 5 universities active for the first half of the project duration and representatives from the other 3 EU and 5 Lot 5 universities active for the second half of the project duration); it monitors the selection process (visibility, transparence, equal opportunity/cross-cutting issues) and regularly evaluates the project implementation process, by analysing indicators agreed upon by the Project Management Team; it proposes the necessary measures for improvement whenever necessary. Such measures are to be subsequently approved by the Project Management Team.

    • •  The Coordinating Executive Team (CET): operative unit established at the coordinating institution. It provides the consortium with any administrative support that might be necessary for the organization and implementation of all project activities.

    • •  The Local Executive Teams (LET): operative units at each partner institution; they are in charge with the implementation of all project activities at local level.