FAQ – Application and Selection

Q: In case I am selected, will I be able to start the mobility in the next calendar year?

A: Only staff mobilities may be performed at any time during the project eligibility period. Student mobilities (at undergraduate, master, doctoral and post-doctoral levels) may only start by
 • December 31st, 2014 (for grantees undergoing a mobility in the first cohort – selected in 2014)
 • December 31st, 2015 (for grantees undergoing a mobility in the first cohort – selected in 2015)

Q: I am a student in my final year of bachelor studies in one of the IANUS II partner universities (TG 1). May I apply for a scholarship for full-degree Master’s programme?
Students may apply for a full degree master scholarship as either TG1 (registered in the final year of bachelor in a partner university), TG2 (registered in the final year of bachelor in a non-partner university or graduates of any Lot 5 university) or as TG3 (applicants in particularly vulnerable situations: http://ianus.uaic.ro/ianusII/types-of-scholarships.
A: You must carefully check the details of each offer, however, as some partner universities do not accept applications for full degree master programmes from students enrolled in a bachelor programme but only from graduates who have the bachelor diploma at the time of the application; all such applicants will be TG2, irrespective of whether they graduated from a partner or a non-partner university.

Q: I have a PhD Degree in Physics and am from Georgia. I would like to make Postdoc through the IANUS II at the Cologne University. Must I be associated to one of member Universities in Georgia to be eligible to take part in exchange?
A: Yes, you need to be registered in a Lot 5 university, where you sign your research agreement, letter of institutional commitment and later, if selected, the scholarship agreement. The post-doctoral mobility is an exchange mobility, so you may only apply for it on condition that you are currently undergoing some research activity in a lot 5 university.

Q: I am a student from Moldova. Can I apply for a Master program in Kiev, Ukraine?
A: No, you may not, as “according to Erasmus Mundus regulations, mobility flows for students and staff between European or between third-country institutions are not eligible.” (http://ianus.uaic.ro/ianusII/who-can-apply)

Q: If I have a document certifying that all my family members are unemployed, we do not have any kind of property and my father has a medical problem, may I apply as TG3, being in such a vulnerable financial situation?
A: You may not apply as a TG3 candidate, as TG3 strictly requires proof of the fact that you are in one of the vulnerable situations as described by the Erasmus Mundus programme guide: “1) you have a refugee status or asylum beneficiaries (international or according to the national legislation of one of the European recipient countries) or 2) it can be proved that you have been the object of unjustified expulsion from university on racial, ethnic, religious, political, gender or sexual inclination or 3) you belong to an indigenous population targeted by a specific national policy or IDPs (Internally Displaced Persons)”.
You should apply as a TG2 belonging to a disadvantaged group. Therefore, when you upload your application documents, please also upload, as documents proving that you belong to a disadvantaged group, those certificates and official translations of medical and financial certificates of your family members.

Q: I am from Armenia. I’ve completed my masters program this year  as teacher of Russian language and literature and I want to apply for another masters program.
A: Yes, you are eligible to apply with your bachelor diploma obtained in one of the targeted countries in Lot 5.

Q: It is possible to give you TOEFL results after deadline?
A: All required documents need to be included in the application file uploaded online. No exceptions can be made, as all applicants need to be treated equally, so all applications need to be complete and submitted by the deadline (January 20, 2015).

Q: If I apply for a doctoral mobility, can I just work in my home university or should I be necessarily enrolled in a doctorate program?
A: In order to be able to apply for a doctoral mobility, you need to be currently enrolled in a doctoral programme at your home university and if you are selected for an exchange mobility at doctoral level, you will have to spend the entire period of the mobility at the host university and not at home, as the scholarship is intended for full-time studies at the host university.

Q: I am from Azerbaijan and I’ve already been to Europe as an Erasmus mundus student at the undergraduate level; now I want to apply for Master’s degree. Am I eligible to apply?
A: If you spent less than 12 months in the last 5 years in the EU, then you are eligible, as you are eligible for a second Erasmus Mundus scholarship, as long as it is for a different study level and a different project that the one you have already benefitted from.

Q: If I decide I made some mistakes when filling in my application or I have uploaded a wrong document, may I register again and open a new account?
A: No, according to the application rules available on the project website (http://ianus.uaic.ro/ianusII/mobility-guidelines/how-to-apply/application-procedure-2), you may not register twice, with 2 different email accounts. 
Any changes may be made to the first account each applicant creates, thus the Selection Committee will only consider the first one.
In case you have already submitted your application and it is thus locked, then you may send an email to ianus.mundus@uaic.ro and ask for help, but not open a new account.

Q: In order to apply for a master scholarship, should students already be enrolled in a master programme or they may be on the last year of bachelor program?
A: Students may apply for a full degree master scholarship if they are graduates  from  a bachelor programme or if they are currently enrolled as students in their final year of bachelor studies.
In order to apply for an exchange master mobility if they are currently enrolled in a master programme in the 1st year of studies (and they will benefit from the mobility in their second year) or if they are in their final year of bachelor studies (which means that they will benefit from a mobility only on condition that they are first admitted to a master programme at home – please see the respective declaration in the section on documents to be uploaded: http://ianus.uaic.ro/ianusII/mobility-guidelines/how-to-apply/documents-to-be-uploaded).

Q: Should recommendation letters be included in the application file? Should I add them in my upload documents?
A: Recommendation letters are not mandatory. However, if you wish to include any/ the host university you are applying for requests such letters, please feel free to upload them in the section for additional documents.

Q: I’m the last year student at not-partner university from Georgia. What choice should I choose in “Home University” if I apply for full master program ? “Other – Not Listed Here” or “Not applicable” ?
A: Since you are a student in another university then those in the IANUS II consortium, you should select “Other (not listed here)” and then you will fill in the next cell with the name of your home university.
You select “not applicable” only when you are a graduate applying for a  master scholarship based on the diploma you have already obtained.

Q: Currently, I am on the fourth course at my university, so I belong to Target Group 2. Is it right that Target Group 2 can’t apply for undergraduate studies (exchange)?
A: Yes, that is correct. You may not apply for a mobility at  undergraduate level. Please check the eligibility conditions on the project website: http://ianus.uaic.ro/ianusII/who-can-apply

Q: How many universities can I choose to apply for  with IANUS II?
A: You can apply for 2 mobility options in 2 different universities, thus increasing your chances of being granted an Erasmus Mundus IANUS II scholarship.
!!!It is not advisable to select both your options for the same host university. Only applying for 2 different options may increase your chances of being selected.

Q: I am applying as an exchange Master student. As I am at the first year of my Master studies in the home university and our first semester is not finished yet, I am not able to submit ” Transcript of records” (master level), because I have no examination marks yet. Is it possible to submit the application without this document? Or may I submit it later, when my exams will be passed?
A: If you do not have an exam session before the deadline and you will thus not be able to upload any transcript of records for the master level, you may apply without it. However, make sure that in the section reserved for the master level transcript you upload a declaration of yours stating that you are currently enrolled in the first year of master and your first examination session will only be held after the deadline for applications.
The same applies to students who will not be able to upload a transcript of records with the grades from the current academic year: if you do not have an exam session before the deadline and you will thus not be able to upload any transcript of records for the current academic year, you may apply without it and just upload the transcript of records with your grades up to the time of the application.

Q: If I apply as a target group 2 applicant, must the study proposal be signed and stamped by IANUS II partner university of my country or it is possible to be done by my University which is not Partner of IANUS II?
A: You should have it signed by your home university, even if it is not a partner. It proves that your university agrees with your mobility and the courses you are proposing, as once the mobility ends, they will have to proceed with the recognition of the results.