Financial offer

The scholarship you receive from the Erasmus Mundus – IANUS II covers the following:

  1. 1.  Your monthly allowance (according to the level of study) – it can only be paid as from the month of arrival and covers each full month of the mobility, based on academic grounds:
  2. Type of mobility Subsistence
    Undergraduate 1.000 €/month
    Master 1.000 €/month
    Doctorate 1.500 €/month
    Post-Doctorate 1.800 €/month
    Academic and Administrative Staff 2.500 €/month

Under no circumstances can these amounts be reduced.

  1. 2.  Insurance (health, travel, accident): up to a maximum of 75 euro/month of mobility. The Coordinating institution will manage insurance for all IANUS II grantees.
  2. For your information: the minimum requirements for the health and accident insurance coverage set up by the EACEA:
  3. 3.  Travel and visa costs:
  4. Distance (km) Maximum amount  for travel and visa costs (€)
    < 500 250
    500 – 1.000 500
    1.000 – 1.500 750
    1.500 – 2.500 1.000
    2.500 – 5.000 1.500
    5.000 – 10.000 2.000
    > 10.000 2.500
  5. The maximum amount available for travel costs is based on the direct distance (“as the crow flies”) between:
    • •  the home university location of the grantee and the host university location (for Target Group 1);
    • •  the location of origin of the grantee and host university location (for Target Group 2).
  6. For exact calculations regarding distances, please refer to
  7. Travel and visa costs are reimbursed only after the grantee has submited the original travel and visa documents (invoice, receipt, ticket, boarding pass, etc.). One round trip will be considered for all mobilities, irrespective of their level and duration. Please note that only an economy class flight ticket can be reimbursed.

  8. 4. Tuition fees
  9. Students wil not be charged any tuition fees at the host university.

    Students will continue paying their tuition and/or registration fees in their home university but the host university must apply a fee waiver policy. In order to avoid double imposition of fees, in those cases where the host requires the payment of the registration/tuition fees, the students must not be charged the same fees by the home university.

  10. Fees cannot be charged to post-doctorate mobility for research purposes.